Effective conversion of hundreds of thousands of routine and special purpose business paper documents to a digital format using object character recognition (OCR), machine vision and artificial intelligence methods


Enhanced OCR

With the enhanced OCR using deep machine vision & learning, on-going model training and continuous improvement, the readability and accuracy rates are improved by upto 25% over traditional OCR, making them near perfect document reading.

Image Processing

Scanned images can be processed using the Artificial Intelligence methods for face recognition functionalities, detect and recognize objects and actions in the images and video, run visual search, assess sentiments etc


Document Indexing

Digital conversion of the scanned image texts into meaningful readable data, validating with business rules and mapping to the business defined fields with powerful machine learning techniques for increased accuracy and ROI

Document Classification

Ranked Tagging of the unstructured and unmanaged data that is spread across repositories, organizing per business taxonomy ease of storage, search and retrieval


Object Recognition

Real life natural object recognition using machine vision and machine learning models adds a powerful way to detect, identify and classify the object and prepare for the functional use

Enhanced OCR Accuracy

Increasing the quality and readability of the scanned paper documents using machine learning algorithms and further improve the repeated readability by training the vision models


Pre Trained AI Models

Building and training models are time consuming, and having a pre-trained AI based models will help accelerate business efficiencies. Our pre-trained model comes with ready to apply skills in multiple domain applications

User Interface for Custom Solutions

A customizable user interface for business specific documents provides easy identification of the expected business information zones, which can further be indexed and auto populated into the business data sources


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