Dataset Parsing

Digital conversion of the voice and speech into a meaningful and business interpretable datasets , segregating them in the order of importance and prepare for further processing, which is a foundation for the AI and machine learning


Value Pair Extraction

AI models can extract the domain specific attributes,correlate, prioritize and rank them for use in the business projections and forecasts

Analyze Text Term

Text or Speech to text conversion and analyze the text for understanding, sorting of the unstructured text, making it easier to manage and ready to business use


Keyword Scoring

Pre-trained AI models capable of scoring based on the natural language processing and business rules used for forecasting and projection of future decisions

Statistic Clustering

A simple and easy way of classifying the objects using the machine vision, natural language processing and unsupervised learning into logical business groups of data in preparation of business decisioning


Accurate Prediction

Machine learning model predictions allow businesses to make highly accurate predictions as to the likely outcomes of a question based on historical data and trained AI models, which can be of competitive advantage such as customer churn likelihood, possible fraudulent activity, and more

Intelligent Filtering

Intelligent filtering of the incoming data, emails or files, process them and organize in accordance with the specified business criteria


AI based Text Mining

Transform the free unstructured text in documents or incoming business data into structured and normalized data using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) methods

0% false positive and 0% false negative

Identifying, classifying and segregating out the false positive and false negative data points will help businesses a great deal in predicting the business outcomes much more accurately and effectively


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