Take Customer Service to the Next Level with "AI-powered Voice Assistants"

How can Skil.AI contribute to various Banking &Insurance through its AI-based voice assistants?


Skil.AI voice assistants for Data Collection and Entry Insurance agents spend an inordinate amount of time gathering information from customers over the phone. For example, customer registration, policy enrollment, policy verification and customer authentication.


Skil.AI voice assistants integrate seamlessly with the CRM or ERP system and use Natural Language Understanding to collect the data, in the same way that an agent does. It also integrates with your contact center platform easily, so that if a call needs to be transferred to a live agent, the AI technology can pass along all collected information and reasons for the transfer.


A US based insurance provider implemented Skil.AI voice assistance system to automate customer authentication and insurance renewal. These virtual agents capture, authenticate and enter information into the CRM system customer names, address, date of birth, policy numbers, amount, due date and more. In six months, the company found that virtual agents could handle this process faster, at one-tenth the cost.

Next Steps

The solution can be implemented across various industries and operations where voice automation can assist in Data Collection, Entry and Data Authentication.

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