Virtual Assistant

AI BASED Virtual Assistant

Building smart conversational virtual assistants that can bring omni-channel contextual conversations to life. Virtual assistants from Skil.AI can be leveraged for accelerated deployments and capitalize business benefits.

  • Omni-Channel Experience
  • Voice enabled multi-language capabilities
  • Voice enabled multi-language capabilities

Handling FAQs

Get anytime instant answers to the most frequently asked questions on products, services or stakeholder queries without human agent interaction

Customer Service

Proactive anytime customer service, getting answers to range of questions like status updates, event details, account details, billing, service and support – increased customer satisfaction, improved SLAs, monetized and efficient use of customer service resources

Task Management

End to end task management of scheduling, follow-ups, allocation, notifications and real time updates, setting alarms and reminders

Order Fulfillment

Anytime order placements, order modifications, inventory allocation, managing back orders, shipment notifications, traceability and ease of merchandise returns

Payroll Processing

Effective processing of payroll data collection, leave and timesheet data records, benefits processing, reconciliation and reporting

Service Management

Faster service levels and customer satisfaction through self serve requests, incident reporting, service status updates, remote, special and VIP assistance

Omni-Channel Experience

Omni-channel experience with seamless interaction between business and its clients, independent of the device, technology or platform they use

Voice enabled multi-language capabilities

Voice-activated chatbots that can interact and communicate through voice, capable of accepting the command in an oral or written form, natural language processing and programmed to reply through voice and text instantaneously

Integration with enterprise systems

Seamless realtime integration handles systemic connections, authentication, data pull and push from enterprise applications for ERP, CRM, HR, Finance, Service Management etc