Talking Tech and Talking With Tech


Enabling connection through the power of Conversational AI.

Stories are what make us human. Every culture in every era has had its share of stories. From the campfires of our ancestors, taking the first tentative steps in the long journey of humanity, to the giant cities built by modern humans as the undisputed masters of our world, stories have been with us, connecting us, every single step of the way.

Telling and listening to stories is something that all of us have experienced. While we have developed many forms of communication, from art to writing to movies, talking is still the most natural and intimate form nonetheless. At, one of our goals is to enable seamless interaction with the technology around us in the same way that humans have connected with each other for millennia. Through talking and listening.

Recent advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and particularly Deep Learning have helped make this goal a reality. Our Virtual Assistants are capable of recognizing human speech, understanding what was said, and responding with human speech, in multiple languages!

We combine, integrate, and fine-tune many different technologies to make this possible. Currently, this includes Mozilla’s DeepSpeech architecture for Speech Recognition, Google’s BERT architectures for language understanding, and NVidia’s Tacotron 2 and WaveGlow architectures for Speech Synthesis.

Our models based on these architectures are trained on our own data, and tested and validated in-house to make our vision of natural communication with technology a reality. After all, technology has become a ubiquitous part of our daily life, and it’s about time we made it as seamless as talking with another human being!

Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming in-depth articles on how we are using cutting-edge Deep Learning technology to improve how we communicate, with people and with machines!

I am a consultant in Deep Learning and AI-related technology for As part of the Deep Learning Research team at, we work towards making Conversational AI accessible to small businesses and big tech alike. This is the first in a series of articles about how we are making this happen.

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