Subject Matter Expert? Skil welcomes you!


Skil Philosophy:

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.
— Steve Jobs

Founders of Skil have years of experience in training, interview preparation and mentoring individuals and teams across industry lines. However, the lack of a credible, scalable platform to schedule on-demand skill empowerment sessions germinated the core idea behind Skil.

Skil Pool:

Skil provides a vibrant eco-system for professionals to connect with new talent and other professionals treading similar career path.

Sharing.. Oh Joy!

Our belief is that sharing one’s skills and know-how has its fair share of advantages.

Firstly, taking part in sessions keeps you abreast with latest industry happenings.

Secondly, fielding questions from a variety of candidates would enhance multi-dimensional thinking.

Thirdly, it enables you to build your own brand and raise above your peers. Last but not the least, think of all the good karma that you will be accruing 🙂

What does it take to be an SME?

Any professional who believe everyone has valuable knowledge to share with the world. Skil helps you spread the learning passion make an impact in the community. With your industry experience and deep insights you will help someone to grow in their careers. We welcome all those brave souls to join Skil’s SME ecosystem irrespective of their academic credentials and geographic location.

Your fair share:

Skil offers an excellent source of additional income to seasoned professionals who are willing to impart their know-how and skills to others. It being a free market platform, your compensation will be incumbent upon your skills, performance and market demand. So, share your skills for your fair share.

If interested, please sign up here:

Skil — empower your community

SkilApp — is an On-Demand Uber like service for technology which helps users to connect with real professionals (a.k.aSME’s / mentors / advisors) and prepare for the next job interview / career guidance / technical help / industry insights etc.

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