Privacy Policy

SKIL.AI INC. Information Privacy and Protection

Information privacy is the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them. Inc safeguards the professional and personal information, data about the individuals, customers, business partners and all information gathered, collected, stored, transmitted, or handled by personnel during the business engagements.

SKIL.AI is committed in complying the customer, local, state, national and international regulations.

1.1 Company Property and Information

The employees of SKIL.AI are the guardians of the Company’s assets. They use Company assets, property, inventory or intellectual property, only for the benefit of the Company. The employees can spend money only as authorized by Finance.

The employees of SKIL.AI do not use Company systems for personal activities that interfere with the operation of the network or that generate costs to the Company. They never use Company property to engage in outside commercial activities, illegal activities (including illegal downloads) or other activities that could reflect negatively on the Company.

The employees are aware that the Company has the right to inspect your use of Company assets, including your computer, workspace, lockers, and communications using Company assets. The Company’s intellectual property and trade secrets are strategic investments that are critical for its success. These assets set us apart from our competitors and include:

  • Confidential information about the Company, our affiliates, suppliers, clients, customers and employees
  • Personal data of users, such as contact information, financial data or other sensitive information, whose use is governed by our privacy policies
  • Our copyrights, trademarks and patents.

The employees at SKIL.AI are aware that they should never disclose any confidential information or trade secrets to anyone who does not have a business reason and is authorized to have the information. They do not disclose such information to others outside the Company without management approval, and we use a non-disclosure agreement or other confidentiality provisions approved by Legal to protect the Company’s interests.

1.2 Privacy

A. Client and Customer Confidential and Personal Information

Protecting the privacy of our clients and their customers is one major reason why our clients entrust us with their sensitive personal information. The access to personal data, including contact details, financial accounts and other sensitive information are kept safe and it is used only for legitimate business purposes, and always in accordance with our applicable privacy policy. We never share customer information with a third party, or any colleague who doesn’t have a business need to know.

B.Employee Confidential and Personal Information

The Company collects, stores and uses personal employee information and uses this data in accordance with our privacy policies and applicable data protection laws. Only authorized Company employees with a valid, work-related reason may have access to Company personnel records. All information relating to the employment or employment history of any employee or former employee is confidential.

1.3 Questions or Concerns

Our goal is to promote communication and discussion, if employees have any questions or concerns about the Code or any Company Policy, they should always feel free to speak to their manager, and HR supervisor, Legal or submit a question via the 365 Business Ethics Hotline.