Take Customer Service to the Next Level with "AI-powered Voice Assistants"

How can Skil.AI contribute to various Retail through its AI-based voice assistants?

01  Opportunity

Loyalty Management and Personalization of Accounts and Memberships in Retail business through the use of Skil.AI Voice Assistants.

02  Solution

Account and membership maintenance are two important aspects of gaining a loyal customer for any retailer. Address updates, new accounts, reward programs and password reset requests are just some of the call types that fall under this category. Integration with the CRM system or ERP lets virtual agents read from and write to customer records, ensuring that customers don’t need to speak to agents for rudimentary requests associated with their account and membership. AI assists in predicting the customer behavior and personalizing the interactions through the use of Voice Assistants for an enhanced user experience. If and when, a “save the member” situation comes up, the AI automation escalates to a live agent along with a screen pop of customer info.

03  Outcomes

A retail company chose to use a virtual agent solution to handle calls from rewards members that wanted to use their points. Using automation, members can check their point balance, find out what their status is and how to use their points, and make account updates. This removes the task from agents and enables them to focus on sales and unique customer situations that require specialized human touch.

Through AI, retailers are able to identify customer behavior trends at a very early stage. Those results are then fed into the interaction analytics tool, accelerating the process of personalizing the interaction with the customer.

04  Next Steps

The ability to spot trends in customer data will also enable call center managers to model best practices and predict the outcomes or the consequences of a particular course of action. By using Skil.AI in this way, an organization would see benefits in resource planning, sales and marketing campaign planning, as well as attaining a more accurate Voice of the Customer (VoC).