Take Customer Service to the Next Level with "AI-powered Voice Assistants"

Take Customer Service to the Next Level with “AI-powered Voice Assistants”

01  Opportunity

Skil.AI voice assistant for Reservation and Scheduling Services for Hospitality business such as Hotels, Airlines, Cruises etc.

02  Solution

Most of the aspects of scheduling such as making appointments, cancellations, scheduling deliveries and outbound confirmations, along with making recommendations can be achieved by a Skil.AI voice assistant. Using AI, virtual agents seamlessly integrate to handle the nuances of scheduling, rescheduling and recommendation to the customer. For example, if a customer asks, “Do you have anything next Thursday?” AI technology enables the automation to know what the customer means and then shares available options.

03  Outcomes

One of the US based hotel chain companies uses virtual agents to make thousands of reservation confirmation calls. Skil.AI voice assistant reads out the details of the reservation to customers who are scheduled to check-in within 24 hours. If a customer needs to change any piece of the reservation or check-in time, he/she can do that directly with the AI-powered voice assistant on the call. Customers are happy to confirm or reschedule with an automated system, and it saves millions of live agent minutes

04  Next Steps

As part of next steps, further integration of functions such as value-added services, cross-sell and up-sell can be done by Skil.AI voice assistant.