Take Customer Service to the Next Level with "AI-powered Voice Assistants"

How can Skil.AI contribute to various Healthcare through its AI-based voice assistants?

01  Opportunity

Skil.AI voice assistant for billing management and collections process for Healthcare businesses such as Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Collection agencies.

02  Solution

Most of the billing processes which follow a similar routine and expected procedure can be fully automated using Skil.AI voice assistant. Even more complex situations, like payment plans, have well-defined rules. Other examples include making payments, invoice requests, balance inquiries and collections. Most importantly, voice automation must be PCI-compliant to ensure customer security when sharing personal and credit card information.

03  Outcomes

Skil.AI voice assistant enables a PCI-compliant automation which outperforms live agents in billing processes because AI doesn’t make mistakes or exceptions. Best usage of Skil.AI voice assistant for billing is in outbound collections call. When coupled with letters and email, automated outbound calls help a third-party healthcare agency collect up to three times more money.

04  Next Steps

As part of next steps, further integration of functions such as value-added services, cross-sell and up-sell can be done by Skil.AI voice assistant.