Sudhakar Pennam


Mr. Pennam is a serial entrepreneur whose love for technology is endless. He possesses a track record for being customer-focused with a passion for excellence and a deep rigor for execution. With over 20 years in the industry, Mr. Pennam brings a strong understanding of the dynamics of IT Services and Consulting. As a pioneer in the tech space, he constantly looks forward to breaking new grounds with in the software industry to build and grow new business offerings and nurture long-term relationships.

After understanding the changing landscape of technology over the last few years, he anticipated a huge technology wave in cloud, mobility and social and that led to the creation of Solonus/Kairos with offices in Irving and Hyderabad. Besides work, he take an active interest in sports, especially golf and had sponsored the T20 cricket team in Dallas recently. Mr. Pennam believes in giving back to the society and do so by contributing and volunteering at Nethra Vidyalaya, The School for the Blind at Vishakapatnam.