Conversational AI for Finance Industry

Excellent and efficient customer service is of paramount importance for success in the finance industry. In banking, for example, there are many formal procedures and rules that must be followed by both the client and the bank. Unfortunately, this can be a burden to the average person to whom all the various forms and paperwork required to complete a certain task can be understandably baffling!

This situation often leads to many calls and emails sent to customer service departments requesting guidance on completing routine tasks. On the other hand, the bank itself regularly has to contact its clients to ask for missing or incorrect details which may have been left out by the clients. The combination of these factors can easily lead to frustrated clients and overwhelmed customer service representatives. This, in turn, can result in unnecessary delays even for high priority incidents and transactions.

Our Conversational AI was designed to offer a multi-faceted solution to this critical issue.

1. Voice and text enabled — Including voice recognition to understand the clients and voice synthesis to respond to clients.

2. Request handling — A vast majority of requests are routine and repetitive. While human performance typically deteriorates in repetitive tasks, it is the bread-and-butter of automation. Our AI handles routine requests smoothly and efficiently (without ever getting bored!)

3. Sentiment Analysis — Knowing how your customer feels is an invaluable asset for any business. Our AI accurately detects the customer’s sentiment during any communication.

4. Priority recognition — It’s important to recognize when something requires more attention. Our AI will detect such situations and alert the relevant personnel.

5. Information gathering — Our AI can contact customers to gather missing information and process the information. For example, the AI will contact a customer to provide a missing field in an application and automatically update the database by parsing the response.

6. Automated reminders — Our AI can monitor customer records and automatically notify customers about upcoming events.

This is only a quick snapshot of what our Conversational AI can do. With our expertise in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, we are ready to tailor our AI to fit your requirements so that you can succeed!

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