Code of Conduct

SKIL.AI INC. Code of Business Conduct

As the global work environment is changing at a rapid pace, companies are working diligently to keep up with the global needs, working virtually, across the continents and cultures. Inc., recognizes the need of working in a global environment, fully committed, and held itself to the highest standards of business conduct. This Code sets out how we conduct our business for the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our customers, our suppliers, and our investors. Inc’s business code of conduct includes the basic core values, expectations, and compliance. The code applies to all the directors, officers, associates and key personnel that interface with Skil.Ai’s customers.

1.1 Core Values

Skil.Ai’s trifold core values drive everyday business conduct both within the team, across the teams, with the customers and everyone that we work with directly or indirectly.

  • We treat each other with respect and care for each other: We work with great honor and treat each other with respect and take utmost care of everyone that we work with.
  • We do what is right and with Integrity: We are guided by basic human moral and values. We stand for what is just and right and hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards.
  • We take personal responsibility: We take accountable for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our company. We take personal responsibility of all our actions and stand by them.

Every’s associate is responsible for living the Core values. Associates are also expected to abide by this code, policies and procedures and all applicable regulations.

1.2 Competition and Fair Dealing

We compete fiercely, but fairly, and always in compliance with antitrust, competition and other laws aimed at promoting free and open competition. We are honest in all your dealings with the Company business partners, and never mislead or deceive anyone or engage in any other form of unfair business practice.

1.3 Bribery And Corruption

Bribery is a crime.

We do business on the merits of our services and not based on any form of bribery or unethical business practice. The bribery of any individual, governmental official or otherwise, is a serious matter which can lead to criminal sanctions and financial penalties against our Company and individual employees.

Employees need to consult with Legal team, never give anything of value to any individual governmental official (including employees of companies in which a government has an ownership interest) in order to:

The employees are aware that we may also be held responsible for the acts of our partners, agents and representatives. We must know the reputation of business partners and be aware of any affiliations they might have with government officials.

1.4 Gifts and Entertainment

The employees exercise judgment and moderation when giving or accepting gifts or entertainment to ensure our actions do not create a conflict of interest or appear as a corrupt attempt to influence a business or regulatory outcome.

The employees at Skil.AI Inc. never give or accept cash, or cash equivalents, such as gift or reward cards.

1.5 Harassment-Free Workplace

We strive to create a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We don’t tolerate bullying, abuse or any behavior that interferes with someone’s work or that creates a hostile work environment. No matter what form harassment takes – whether physical, sexual, verbal or non-verbal, in person, via email, text or tweet, over the phone or on the Internet – it is unacceptable.

Harassment is offensive conduct that interferes with an employee’s ability to do their work. Harassment can involve sexual conduct or references to a personal characteristic. Examples include racial slurs, off-color jokes and unwelcomed sexual advances. Harassment can occur between members of the same sex or the opposite sex; between vendors, contractors or employees; and in the office or at off-site work-related events.

Employees are encouraged to speak up if we suspect discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate workplace behaviors. By providing this information to a manager, Human Resources, Legal, or by contacting the 365 Business Ethics Hotline we help ensure these matters are addressed quickly and we promote the integrity of our workplace.

The Company investigates all reports of harassment and keeps these reports confidential to the extent possible.

1.6 Health And Safety

The company takes the responsibility for ensuring the workplace is a safe and secure place to work. Each employee has a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace by following safety and health rules and policies and exercise good judgment and common sense.

1.7 discipline

In order to protect the Company and our employees, we take prompt action regarding any conduct that violates our policies, the law or the Code. We may determine that remedial action (such as training and coaching) or disciplinary action including termination is necessary.

Where there is a potential violation of the law, the Company will cooperate with authorities and may at its sole discretion refer the matter for law enforcement investigation and possible criminal prosecution.

1.8 Questions or Concerns

Our goal is to promote communication and discussion, if employees have any questions or concerns about the Code or any Company Policy, they should always feel free to speak to their manager, and HR supervisor, Legal or submit a question via the 365 Business Ethics Hotline.