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AI Chatbots for the Real Estate Industry

Automate the attraction and conversion of leads with a
specialized real estate chatbot.

Automated real estate lead generation

Determine which customers are interested then automatically promote products and services.

More responsive customer service

Our conversational AI for real estate is are available 24/7, so your clients can always get in touch.

Multi-language functionality

All of our real estate chatbots recognize and support multiple languages as standard.

Omni-channel integration

Customers can chat via a wide range of channels including SMS, email, browser, and more.

Improve access to information

Customers can find out details of listings and other important info through their virtual assistant.

  • Find and convert more leads
  • Automate your customer support
  • Ease the pressure on your workforce
Customer service and responsiveness are absolutely fundamental drivers of real estate lead generation, so it makes sense to utilize the latest technology to offer the best possible service. AI-powered virtual assistants from SKil.AI enable real estate companies to automate lead generation, answer customer queries faster, and convert more leads with ease. Talk to our team today to learn more about how conversational AI chatbots for real estate could change the way you think about customer service and real estate lead generation.
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