Explore some of the innovative features that make Skil.AI virtual assistants the perfect efficiency-boosting addition to any business.

Omni Channel Support

Contact your virtual assistant via a huge range of channels, including email, Whatsapp, Slack, and many more. Wherever you are and whether you’re at the desk or on mobile, your assistant can help you get the job done.

Designed for you, Your Business

Your AI virtual assistant can be deployed in an incredibly versatile range of settings to assist with booking and scheduling, inventory management, payroll support, customer service, and many other crucial business functions.

Voice Recognition

Are you a verbal communicator? Our virtual assistants include full in-built voice recognition and response, helping you issue commands, ask questions, and converse in whichever way is most convenient at the time.

Multi Language Capabilities

Skil.AI virtual assistants are capable of automatically understanding and switching between a variety of different languages, ideal for multinational teams, foreign customers, and anyone more comfortable communicating in their own language.

Limitless Scalability

As a 100% digital service, Skil.AI virtual assistants are intrinsically scalable. Whether you have one employee or thousands, your virtual assistant is up to the task and endlessly scalable to match your evolving business needs.

Adaptive Intelligent Comprehension

Built with advanced AI algorithms and active learning capabilities, our virtual assistants will adapt to your unique organization over time and become increasingly tailored to you and your business as they learn.

Zero Code Integration

When you order your virtual assistant, we’ll provide a fully-fledged, out-of-the-box product and integrate it into your existing systems with no disruption. You don’t need to know or use any code to start enjoying the transformational benefits immediately.

See it in Action

Discover the power of Skil.AI’s adaptive and automated virtual assistants today by booking a demo with a member of our team.

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