AI Chatbots for E-Commerce

Implement a specialized eCommerce chatbot into your online sales
strategy for intelligent, automated, and improved customer service.

Direct Purchasing

Simplify the sales chain by giving customers the option to buy directly within the chat.

Product Catalog Browsing

Customers can intuitively browse products, view images, and more using the chatbot interface.

Engage with New Customers

Automate the building and nurturing of customer relationships through social media channels.

Customer Notifications

Send automated notifications about deliveries, product recommendations, offers and more.

Powerful Customer Support

24/7 AI-enabled support to provide an enhanced purchasing experience for your customers.

Scalable by Design

Scalable to match your business, whatever its size, always with the same high level of service.

Share across social channels

Simplified sharing so customers can spread the word and promote your business for you.

Skil.AI chatbots for ecommerce utilize powerful machine learning algorithms and language processing to provide conversational AI support, specifically designed for ecommerce operations. Improve and automate your online store’s customer service, reduce the workload of your support teams, and boost the efficiency of your ecommerce business.
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