Case Studies

Banking & Insurance

Skil.AI voice assistants integrate seamlessly with the CRM or ERP system and use Natural Language Understanding to collect the data, in the same way that an agent does. It also integrates with your contact center platform easily, so that if a call needs to be transferred to a live agent, the AI technology can pass along all collected…


Most of the aspects of scheduling such as making appointments, cancellations, scheduling deliveries and outbound confirmations, along with making recommendations can be achieved by a Skil.AI voice assistant. Using AI, virtual agents seamlessly integrate to handle the nuances of scheduling, rescheduling..


Most of the billing processes which follow a similar routine and expected procedure can be fully automated using Skil.AI voice assistant. Even more complex situations, like payment plans, have well-defined rules. Other examples include making payments, invoice requests, balance inquiries and collections.


Loyalty Management and Personalization of Accounts and Memberships in Retail business through the use of Skil.AI Voice Assistants.