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Conversational AI for Finance Industry

Excellent and efficient customer service is of paramount importance for success in the finance industry. In banking, for example, there are many formal procedures and rules that must be followed by both the client and the bank. Unfortunately, this can … Read More

Accelerate Recruitment with Automated Video Interview

Once your AI-powered bot has screened and shortlisted resumes from the candidate pool, the next step in the recruitment process is the video interview. AI recruitment bots can generate meeting IDs and send automated video meeting requests to the shortlisted … Read More

Enhance Employee Onboarding with AI Chatbots

The first few days of an employee joining a new company are packed with orientation sessions, team interactions, getting set-up in various IT systems, exhaustive documentation, getting familiar with company policies and so on. It is hugely important as well … Read More

Intelligent AI Resume Screening

Resume screening is an often-overlooked hiring process that is incredibly critical to the end result of an organization’s recruitment strategy. Effective resume screening is vital to secure high quality, engaged new hires, who contribute to your organization and improve your … Read More

AI Recruiter Bot for Candidate Acquisition

A recruiting chatbot can be your brand’s advocate at the top of the funnel, where many job seekers get frustrated and bail, often without ever completing an application. In talent acquisition, AI-powered recruiting tools are giving employers an advantage over … Read More

Talking Tech and Talking With Tech

Enabling connection through the power of Conversational AI. Stories are what make us human. Every culture in every era has had its share of stories. From the campfires of our ancestors, taking the first tentative steps in the long journey … Read More

How do we build the conversational chat bot using Neural networks and Deep learning?

Does it always take human interaction to build a conversation? Or maybe just human-like thinking than an actual human? Neural networks are famous for mimicking the way a human think and we need a deep dive into neural networks for … Read More

Importance of Chat Bots

Chatbots are creeping slowly into even the most boring of business interactions. They already started to rule over the low stakes mass market, over simplifying your everyday tasks. From ordering food or query your laptop service to even your credit … Read More

Announcing LISA – An AI bot

Lisa the AI bot does the end to end initial video interview for profile assessment, background validation, soft skill assessment, aptitude test, technical evaluation. Why Bots are important? Bot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience. At … Read More

6 Key factors to know while hiring Gen Z

The future generation knocking at your door is Technology driven, sober, money driven and looking for strong career growth! Almost 17 million of Generation Z is now adult and starting to enter the U.S. market. They have seen recession, financial … Read More