Even before you move ahead and try working on ways to attract best talent. The key point to consider is, to scan the current hiring process and look for potential loopholes and work towards ways to fix it, motivate team to ensure all are together and working towards it!

This is what we read and hear in almost every blog, article but obviously if you are reading this article this part is already done, the so called introspection — checking the current process analyzing and trying to find the right fit!

So what ‘s the way to find what we really are look for ? How to get to the solution to my problem, of course there is no quick fix and if anyone claims then let’s ask for “genuine” data points to support what they claim.

Here, let’s try and find ways to help us set a long term platform to attract the best talent:

Technology integration with work:

It’s time we think through and levy on technologies to help make recruitment faster but at the same time accurate with minimal drop out and right skill sets found at right time. Now, with it what’s really important and crucial is, the personal touch in the process. To ensure, at no point it’s only a system driven process but literally human and system hand in hand working towards making recruitment a smooth journey for a candidate!

It’s important to keep in mind that almost 50% of candidates decide if they really want to work for you basis how their experience has been during the hiring process.

Explaining the first point clearly — ensure the technology is not over powering the human touch at the same time using technology smartly, to help find the right talent.

Choosing right technology:

With millions of options out and available in market, what’s most important is to not get carried away basis the punch lines or sales pitch but to deep dive to find, whether and if only it will exactly fit your requirement and only then opt for it as unlike other type of roles, the recruitment job doesn’t give you an opportunity to hit and try! If you miss you will end up missing a batch of talented candidates!

Taking an example of video interview — most of the vendors are giving you an option to video interview on your behalf and share recording. But, as recruiter you should clearly know if they intend to use data for their personal use, do they follow your company’s basic protocols.

What matrix are they using to evaluate and share details about interview (in detail). Most important — how are they validating and checking on possible proxy — it might seem as if they are basic points. But, when you are out there looking for vendors and realize almost half of them will not fit in to your need or might agree, but, once part of you they simply skip the process/protocols and most of all hire candidates basis their network and its hard to ensure its neutral and you are finding right candidate and there has been no proxy. One-way is to find through their old clients and mostly the old clients who are no more with them! Old clients who still are still with them — long term relation and cross validate to help you take decision.

Human touch:

It’s good to give that personal touch even before they are part of you a simple email sharing a brief video of behind the scene with some snaps, videos showing work culture, community services employees are involved with.

Displaying the organization’s mission and values, helps stand a strong chance at properly communicating what really matters to the company and where does the candidate or employee stand in the overall picture.

Social media:

It’s important to keep in mind as social media might seem a blessing but can easily turn out to be a bane! Finding the right talent can be easy, if we know when exactly to pull the trigger meaning using the platform smartly! It’s smart to build network and increase the circle but what’s important is to use the network smartly, efficiently ensuring at no point you miss out on a good candidate, building beyond office connect with other recruiters, constantly discussing the requirements and helping not just requesting them with job postings might help you with easy hiring in future!

The millennial are about social media and they strongly relate to it as their identity and it’s more of a need for them in their daily life, making it easy to connect and find them. Which certainly means that as an organization and most importantly as recruiter you need to share content that shows your company is a great place to work.

Be part of right discussion groups to help you find right talent and showcase the work culture and organization you are working for, #hashtags to make it easy for candidates to find you.

There are candidates who do have poor behaviors on social media an easy catch to weed them out. Up to us to use this platform as blessing or as a bane.
It’s imperative of us to think through and choose the right tools and techniques to make things work for us. The end objective should be clear in mind, while we try and find ways to achieve it.

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