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Resume screening is an often-overlooked hiring process that is incredibly critical to the end result of an organization’s recruitment strategy. Effective resume screening is vital to secure high quality, engaged new hires, who contribute to your organization and improve your overall quality of hire. However, the screening process is monotonous, unstandardized and very susceptible to human error when done manually.

The Challenges of Resume Screening Today

Volume: By far, the biggest challenge of resume screening is volume. For an average job opening, recruiters get a minimum of 250 resumes which they need to scrutinize and then select the top 10 candidates for the next level of screening. This number increases to thousands in a mass-hiring scenario.

If one recruiter is responsible for sifting through and shortlisting top applicants from a pool of hundreds of candidates, it’s unlikely that they will be able to perform this task well. The recruiter will likely face boredom, fatigue, take shortcuts, or filter out qualified applications based on unconscious bias.

Quality of Hire: 60% of talent acquisition leaders’ top recruiting KPI is the quality of hire. Recruiters face increased pressure to show the quality of hire but lack tools to link the resume screening process to post-hire metrics.

Resume Screening Using AI

Now, imagine if you had the option to eliminate this one step, using an AI-based bot that can autonomously scan and filter resumes, shortlisting most qualified candidates for the next step in your recruitment process. The recruiter can dump all the resumes received and the bot will upload them to your HR System, scrutinize each profile, and pick the best fitting resumes for the role.

AI for resume screening can handle massive volumes of data. In fact, AI requires a lot of data to make accurate recommendations about which candidates to move forward with. This means AI-powered bot is very valuable for high-volume recruitment such as retail sales or customer service roles. Employers using AI screening can achieve a 100% screen rate, making sure no candidate is missed.

AI screening bot learns to predict the quality of hire because it’s able to analyze your historical hiring decisions as well as learn from your current hiring decisions. AI screening bot automates resume screening and learns from historical hiring decisions to improve the quality of hire and reduce employee turnover.
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