AI Recruiter Bot for Candidate Acquisition

A recruiting chatbot can be your brand’s advocate at the top of the funnel, where many job seekers get frustrated and bail, often without ever completing an application.

In talent acquisition, AI-powered recruiting tools are giving employers an advantage over the competition at all stages of the recruitment process. A recruiting chatbot can be your brand’s promoter at the top of the funnel, where many job seekers get frustrated and bail, often without ever completing an application.

Candidate acquisition is the first key step in the recruitment process. However, it’s time-consuming. Adding a chatbot to your website and engaging with visitors is a quick and easy way to increase conversion rates. Candidates are more willing to drop their CV and other basic details by chatting smoothly with a chatbot than dropping their CV through a long contact form. Chatbots can start a discussion and ask for key information about the candidate. For instance, key data that can be collected:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Position Applying For
  • CV

Recruitment chatbots imitate real recruiters, and in several cases, a chatbot can give an impression that job seeker is actually chatting to a person on the other side. Chatting typically takes place online and can be done on landing pages for job inquiries, career page, via social media, or via text message.

Here’s what you gain by deploying a chatbot at the earliest stage of your recruitment process:

Time Saving

Communication in recruitment is less about building relationships and more about getting answers to move the process forward. And this can be time-intensive, especially if there are a lot of candidates. AI-powered recruiting bots can assist recruiters with some of the more tedious tasks going on at the top of the funnel, like collecting candidate contact information, scheduling chat time, and prequalifying candidates.

Candidate Experience

As recruiting chatbots are always on, this means that no candidate will have to wait to speak to a “recruiter”. Additionally, if the recruiting chatbot is properly constructed, it can alert an actual human recruiter to enter the conversation when the bot identifies a good candidate. For candidates and recruiters, the recruiting chatbot acts as a guide, creating an excellent candidate experience.

Talent acquisition leaders are starting to realize they can’t compete without this AI advantage. Making use of a chatbot where it makes sense, and knowing when and where humans need to take over and do the heavy lifting, is the best way to approach the future of recruiting.

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