6 Reasons Why You Should Use AI Chatbots For Your Real Estate Business.

AI real estate chatbot

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI) for businesses, the real estate industry probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, AI-powered software is subtly transforming the real estate industry in multiple ways. One of these ways is through AI-enabled chatbots for real estate, which are changing the way businesses interact with their customers and generate leads.

In this article, we explore how AI chatbots are being used by real estate businesses and why you should consider using them too.

What is an AI real estate chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of software designed to converse with humans, generally via text. As you might expect, a real estate chatbot is a chatbot that has been designed specifically to operate in the context of a real estate business. Usually, this means that it will interact with customers to answer a range of queries, although they can also be deployed internally to assist real estate professionals in various ways.

So what happens when you add AI into the mix? Well, AI essentially enhances all the abilities of a standard real estate chatbot, making them significantly more useful across many different scenarios. Equipped with AI and machine learning, chatbots can understand a wider range of inputs from humans and provide an appropriate response, take relevant actions, and escalate to real support staff whenever needed. AI makes chatbots more conversational, and interactions with them can be far more realistic and helpful than with a traditional chatbot that relies on pre-programmed scripts and generic responses.


                                                  Concept of AI Chatbot technology in the real estate industry.

How can AI chatbots benefit real estate businesses?

Better lead follow-up and conversion

The most important thing for any real estate business is to be able to find and convert leads effectively. Without this, there are no customers, no products, and no sales. AI real estate chatbots can transform the way your business handles lead conversion by automatically following up interesting leads and interacting with them in a natural, non-intrusive, and engaging way. This can help you reach out to more people and convert a greater number of leads, all without increasing the workload of your employees.

Always available

An immediately obvious benefit of real estate chatbots is the fact that they are always available to support customers at any time of the day. This 24-hour support, 365 days a year, means that fewer customers will go without the help they require, easing the burden of responsibility on your real estate employees to respond to customers at all times.

Improved accessibility

Beyond the fact that AI chatbots are available 24/7, they can also include innovative features to further improve accessibility. For example, AI capabilities can help chatbots understand and seamlessly switch between multiple different languages. Also, they can more easily handle inputs and outputs between different channels such as email, SMS, and browser-based, making them more convenient for users to access.

Respond to more queries

Whenever someone reaches out to you with a question about a property or service, a chatbot can automatically and instantly respond to answer the majority of questions they might have. This is an excellent way of responding to every query you receive, but AI chatbots can take the interaction one step further. Beyond providing basic responses, AI chatbots can recognize the themes of the conversation and then encourage more interest by recommending similar listings and services, increasing the chances of a successful conversion. If the query requires human input, they can automatically escalate the customer to a member of your support or sales team.

Reduce your workload and expenditure

By automating many of the simpler interactions and sales tasks normally undertaken by real workers, AI chatbots save real estate employees time. This can not only result in reduced expenditure, but it also frees up your organization’s valuable resources and expertise to focus on other areas of the business that may otherwise have been neglected.

Automated bookings

One of the most common requests from interested customers to real estate companies is to book home viewings and interviews. Chatbots can completely automate this part of the sales process by instantly responding to any requests. Many AI chatbots can even be integrated with your existing booking system to provide real-time availability information to customers and automatically make or amend bookings for them, without any need for human intervention.


AI chatbot real estate
                                                      AI chatbots benefit real estate businesses.

Why choose Skil.AI real estate chatbots?

At Skil.AI, we create customized real estate chatbots that provide immediate and tangible automation benefits to real estate businesses of all kinds. We build our chatbot software using the latest in AI and machine learning technology to offer conversational, natural, and intuitive communication that can work for you to maximize productivity and convert more leads.

Designed with accessibility as a priority, our real estate chatbots feature limitless scalability, multi-language support, and omni-channel integration to allow customers to conveniently and seamlessly communicate via SMS, email, WhatsApp, and many more channels.

Speak to our real estate specialists today to learn how AI chatbots could transform the way your real estate business interacts with people and can provide an immediate boost to your productivity.

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