6 Key factors to know while hiring Gen Z


The future generation knocking at your door is Technology driven, sober, money driven and looking for strong career growth!

Almost 17 million of Generation Z is now adult and starting to enter the U.S. market. They have seen recession, financial crises, war and born with the technology as part of their life. Generation Z is the first cohort to have Internet technology readily available at a young age.

They are more pragmatic and come with money saving belief and strangely but believe in one-on one connect be it Face-Time, Skype. Also, the most racially diverse generation of America at present is Gen Z.

Gen Z totals about 67 million, including those born roughly beginning in 1997 up until a few years ago. It’s important to be well prepared before you target hiring them and know exactly what to expect and offer while picking the right Gen Z candidate for your next job position.

Good pay package is not enough:

The recent survey had striking results of almost 83% of Gen Z clearly stating that 3 years in a job is enough vs 26% stated that staying for 1year. The brand name or money is not the reason but it’s more to do with learning and growth as they strongly feel they are not learning and growing as much though earning well.

As per the Survey conducted by Millennial Branding and Randstad US there was a striking drop of 14% from Gen Y to Gen Z in considering money as key motivator to continue their job.

So the key factor to retain or attract them to your organization will be discussing about their career growth and to ensure communicating it timely.

Technology and flexibility:

Companies are working different strategies to train them; this generation has grown up literally immersed in technologies and YouTube videos, making it normal for them to not expect the one-to-one connect often. But, 53% responded that they would prefer in-person communication. Now, the organizations are working on teaching/training them through you-tube style videos.

“sharp and fast at grasping new information makes them quick to adapt to any change” as per a leading company CEO.

They don’t like to sit at office only to complete their eight-hour shift but would prefer taking their phone anywhere and be available on it all the time, meaning they expect flexible work hours and not just focusing on the number of hours they commit by sitting at their desk but counting the output they have given.

Strong and transparent online presence:

GenZ is born with technology and it also means that your presence should not be limited to your own company website but almost all social media platforms but with a “snackable content” — keeping it brief, short and simple as this new generation is a smart and quick reader. Would prefer a short intro to a whole page of story. This generation is extremely smart and clear about what they want, it’s important to be honest with clearly highlighting any shortcoming, challenges with the role. Be upfront and authentic to ensure there are long-term commitments with the right expectations.

Attractive internship programs:

An excellent and efficient way to find the best talent among the fresh graduates, but even before you hire them, be noted that they are tech savvy and have the power to influence their peer, so it’s extremely important to be clear and concise about the program and most important is to respond to as many applicants, ensuring the brand value is not impacted. It’s important to give a real picture and right expectation, as per the rennet survey almost 75% of interns were retained and chose to continue for the same company.

Prefer independence:

As compared to their predecessors, the Gen Y, preferring to work as a team ensuring to achieve the desired output. This new generation had a different approach and expectation, as they would prefer to have individual recognition and pay for their effort. This generation clearly shows interest and expects independence in their work and being recognized for their efforts at each stage.

Giving it back to society:

This might be surprising but the Gen Z is very active, keen and is interested to know how the organization that they are choosing to work for is giving back to the society to help make it better. How well is it embedded in to the organizations culture and practices, and this could certainly be a strong decision maker for them. Thus, it will be good if you do highlight about it while you communicate and share about your organization values.

Here is a quick recap on knowing and attracting Gen Z:

  • They are not going to be impressed with huge paycheck but with a good and clear growth plan.
  • Learn to be more adaptive towards flexible working and target on their productivity and not the number of hours invested at work.
  • Pragmatic and realistic in their approach expect that the company is transparent can clear about what is expected out of them.
  • Internship as a smart way to find and retain the top performing graduates.
  • Giving them the independence and the individual recognition for their work is expected.
  • How you contribute in making this society a better place is important and expected to be shared with them while offering them to join your company.

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