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Your own digital personal assistant.
Always contactable, always on.

Recruit an intuitive, versatile, and seamlessly integrated AI-powered
virtual assistant to help you, your customers, and your business.

Skil.AI’s powerful virtual assistants are designed to support businesses and customers instantly and reliably. From sending emails to booking appointments, handling payroll, managing inventory, dealing with customer service, and much more, your virtual assistant can take care of a huge variety of tasks and business functions for you, automatically and adaptably.

With industry-leading omni-channel support, multi-language capabilities, and voice-recognition as standard, your new intelligent digital employee will have the power to truly transform the way you manage your workflow.

Why recruit an AI virtual assistant?

Traditional support models, such as call center-based systems, are outdated, slow, and expensive. Customers often struggle to get the help they need, leading to lower satisfaction, higher customer churn, and spiraling expenses.
Skil Inc’s AI-powered chatbot virtual assistants use conversational AI to provide virtual assistance to businesses and customers. Our chatbot solutions can seamlessly link up with your existing IT systems to create a unified AI platform that streamlines all of your communications and offers helpful, intuitive functionality for users. AI chatbot platforms are the future of support. Recruit an AI-based chatbot to start automating and simplifying your business now.


Tailored to your business

Our powerful AI chatbots are incredibly flexible and completely adaptable to the unique and ever-evolving demands of your business.

Efficiency-boosting technology

Get instantaneous, intelligent responses to a near-limitless range of queries and requests. Dramatically cut resolution times and improve the overall efficiency .

Cost-effective assistance

Embrace the next technological step for business workflow. Get next-generation capabilities for a fraction of the price of hiring skilled support workers.


Omni Channel Integration

Seamlessly switch between communication channels to suit your circumstances and preferred channels. At the office, at home, or on the go, you’ll always be able to stay in contact.

Voice Recognition

Talk to your AI chatbot assistant to communicate complex concepts rapidly. Stay flexible and conveniently get things done from anywhere, however you prefer to communicate.

Multi Language Support

Working across multiple countries? More comfortable communicating in your native tongue? Our AI chatbots support a wide range of languages and can automatically transition between them.


Skil.AI’s conversational chatbot technology is flexible and can be applied to any industry, including:


Implement a specialized ecommerce chatbot into your online sales strategy for intelligent, automated, and improved customer service.


Transform your organization’s efficiency and communicate with customers more effectively with our AI .


With our conversational AI healthcare chatbots, your organization can operate more efficiently and deal with a greater volume of patients.

Customer Service

Improve your customer outcomes with help of a specialized AI customer support chatbot.


Upgrade your organization’s efficiency, with automated retail chatbots.


Employ a conversational AI banking chatbot from Skil.AI to boost the efficiency.


Upgrade to AI for customer service to enhance your customer experience.

Real Estate

Automate the attraction and conversion of leads with a specialized real estate chatbot.

Email Automation

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence chatbots to automate your email strategy.